Guðni Páll Viktorsson

Responsibility: Supervision of travel planning, weather, currents and tides, safety, equipment, and boats

  • Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (tidal)
  • BCU 4 Star Leader Award
  • ISKGA Guide
  • Circumnavigation around Iceland 2013
  • Circumnavigation around Ireland 2015
  • Chairman of Kayakklúbburinn
  • Paddling Safety and coach at the Kayakklúbburinn
  • Number of kayak expeditions since 2011

I took my first steps in paddling in 2011 at 23 years old. Since then I have paddled in Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Wales, Ireland, and the British Sea. I am a certified British Canoeing BCU 4 Star Leader Award and ISKGA ISKGA Guide and I have coached and assisted on sea kayaking symposiums in the UK and Iceland.

I have been leading groups around the most remote area of Iceland, Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, and the Glacier Fjords, since 2014.

In 2013 I finished my solo circumnavigation of Iceland, which marked the accomplishment of my first big expedition. I remember it as the greatest learning experience of my life and I will be always grateful for it. During the trip, I learned not only a lot about the sea and the weather systems but plenty about myself.

In 2015 I attempted to circumnavigate Ireland as a part of a 4-men team. In a group with so much knowledge and experience, communication became one of the greatest learning moments on and off the water. Since then I thrive to incorporate this in my work as a guide.  I am passionate not only about safety, but I also aim to make a group of paddlers an actual team. We make the decisions together and we learn from each other which amounts to a wholesome experience.

Guðni Páll Viktorsson